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University of The Bahamas

Proceedings of the 1st Joint Symposium on the Natural History and Geology of The Bahamas. 2017.

Full-Length Articles (Peer Reviewed)

Koptur, S. Keynote Address: Plant-animal interactions in the face of disturbance. p. 1-13.

Wahlman, GP. Keynote Address: Upper Carboniferous (Pennsylvanian) and Lower Permian reefs: evolution, composition, paleogeography, and distribution. p. 13-25.

Delancy, L, and CL Landry. The natural history of Craspeduchus pulchellus (Hemiptera, Lygaeidae) on San Salvador Island, The Bahamas. p. 27-34.

Florea, LJ, DR Rust, and DJ Unger. Preliminary geophysical imaging of nearshore tidal pumping on San Salvador Island utilizing time lapse electrical resistivity tomography. p. 35-42.

Hassan, SA, L Hixon, LL Gillie, and WG Lindsay, Jr. Reduction in nesting success of brown booby birds and magnificent frigatebirds on White Cay, San Salvador, Bahamas. p. 43-48.

Kuhlmann, ML, and BM McCabe. Spatial variation in the diet of Octopus vulgaris at San Salvador, The Bahamas. p. 49-58.

Samayoa, A, S Reyes, YB Karim, L Roge-Jones, M Rueth, and C Tepper. Patterns of Millepore-Symbiodinium associations at two Caribbean locations: San Salvador, The Bahamas and South Water Cay, Belize. p. 59-70.

Notes and Letters (Editor Reviewed)

Barber, DEI, T Egan, and LL Gillie. The effects of stem height and insect damage on plant moisture stress on San Salvador Island, The Bahamas. p. 73-78.

Cole, ES, J Porterfield, H Schares, S. Barton, J Morrison, and K Lor. Evolutionary vs. environmental influences on life history traits in the scaly pearl oyster, Pinctada longisquamosa, on San Salvador Island, Bahamas. p. 79-90.

Cross, RE, and AM Goebel. Density, size, growth, and reproduction in two populations of Caribbean silver thatch palm (Coccothrinax argentata) [Family Arecaceae] on San Salvador Island, The Bahamas; a preliminary report. p. 91-98.

Curran HA, and K Seike. Callianassid shrimp diversity around San Salvador Island, Bahamas: why marine biologists and geologists should care. p. 99-113.

Landry, CL, and NB Elliott. Preliminary investigation of plant-pollinator interactions on Rum Cay, The Bahamas. p. 115-120.

Niemi TM. Large boulders on Green Cay, San Salvador Island, The Bahamas. p. 121-129.

Rose, TL, L Moore, A Preisberga, and TM Niemi. Monitoring changes in the coastal environment on San Salvador Island using beach profiling, realtime kinematic GPS surveys, and kite imagery. p. 131-141.

Schwechheimer, L and CL Landry. Do reproductive barriers exist between two closely-related species of Croton that occur in sympatry? p. 143-148.

Smith DL, NB Elliott, CL Landry, and SGF Smith. Preliminary analysis of hurricanes as extrinsic factors influencing Bahamian insect biodiversity. p. 149-154.

Winter, J, and S Rice. A partial trash history of the San Salvador (Watling's Island Imperial) Lighthouse. p. 155-173.


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